Cloud applications such as Microsoft 365 change the way people work. By making conferencing, email, and collaboration universally available across desktop and mobile devices they can make us more efficient, but can also consume time for less productive activities. Measuring availability and usage patterns of this technology is critically important.

Omnicontext delivers comprehensive Microsoft 365 analytics to validate the success of cloud migration projects and verify the impact of these projects on work productivity.

We produce real-time and historic insight into the end-user experience, usage and adoption of key Office 365 apps: Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Teams, PowerBI, Skype for Business, and more.

Omnicontext™ shows how each of the tenant services is being used, how well they perform, and how digital workplace culture changes with the introduction of cloud applications in organizations.

Hypersoft Analytics track the use of different communications methods, collaboration and sharing habits, details of live meetings, video calls, screen sharing sessions and enterprise voice calls.

Omnicontext™ can integrate Microsoft 365 metrics with other business data such as cost of travel, usage of physical meeting rooms, or revenue from specific customers and products, for in-depth understanding of the impact of technology on the efficiency of core business.

Live Data for Our Own Tenant

Right here, Omnicontext™ produces monitoring and detailed reporting for the Microsoft 365 tenant of Hypersoft. We monitor the status and the usage of Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, OneDrive and Teams to verify service quality and adoption and to identify changes in work habits.