Understand How Your Business Works

Hypersoft has developed Organizational Intelligence for managers and executives to obtain insight into the structure of their teams and companies.

The solution leverages Omnicontext™ software in order to understand relationships and discover working communities across geographies, divisions, internal and external organizations, all the way down to individual members.

Our analysis goes beyond the many formally defined roles within an organization. There are real roles and relationships that are not as immediately apparent. The ability to identify these functions, and to understand who is important and influential, is a unique capability of this innovative technology.


By automatically collecting and analyzing digital communications and work processes, organizational intelligence has the potential to drive a radical transformation in research, operations, or sales.

The source data used to gather all of the relevant information include email, meetings, phone calls, collaboration, instant messaging and other interaction channels. Organizational Intelligence will work with most of the enterprise applications and platforms that are used within your business.


Utilize Organizational Intelligence to investigate and improve the most important success enablers in your business: teamwork, collaboration, relationships with colleagues and customers.

With Omnicontext™, your business organization can be reviewed in intuitive reports and diagrams that represent teams, communities, and roles. Through this knowledge you will be able to follow the real-life effect of mergers, promotions, and other organizational changes. You can even see how communities and teams evolve over time periods, identify key players and subject matter experts.