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Hypersoft offers the knowledge of internal and external service metering processes and the software to implement such processes in today’s operation scenarios. Our expertise is utilized by major industrial and government organizations worldwide. 

Having been successfully delivering IT services metrics for over a decade, Hypersoft has invested its resources, know-how and expertise into the development of software that is focused on transactional end-to-end business processes data collection and analysis. Hypersoft products are directly oriented at corporate officers and business professionals wishing to automate service management, charging and compliance monitoring without having to deal with underlying technical processes and complexities of the IT infrastructure and the cloud.

OmniAnalyser™ software provides standardized platform-agnostic reporting on usage and quality of common IT services across distributed organizational units. Scheduled data collection and reports distribution offer key statistical data on services such as collaboration, mobile services, messaging, conferencing and web, allowing proactive channeling of management activities that focuses on strategic business operation rather than reactive fire-fighting.

OmniContext™ is a powerful product for business transaction data collection and analysis with the emphasis on data integration and unification across services and platforms. Advanced analytic instrumentation produces a wide range of metrics on activity, operations, structure, and transaction patterns in large organizations. OmniContext™ gathers transaction data from multiple data sources, both standard and unique, as well as in-house or cloud-based. It also includes a state-of-the-art metrics publishing engine for distributing individualized metrics to users according to their roles and positions in the organization.

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