A New Type of Analytics

Traditional office culture has changed to agile work, own devices, team collaboration, and mobility, requiring new tools to optimize performance.

The impact of these changes is both positive and negative.

Omnicontext productivity analytics reveals how employees use tools, time and resources, team efficiency, which work culture changes are productive and which are not.

Business Deliverables

These are some of the questions every leader must be able to answer:

- How much time in my company is lost in activities that do not create value for the business?

- Has the productivity advantage promised by the new digital technologies materialized for our company?

- The concept of work at any place and any time, does it map to the reality of my business?

Team Collaboration and Email Overload

Omnicontext™ delivers in-depth understanding of your newly deployed team collaboration tools and increases in electronic information, improving productivity and return on investment.

The Problem of Too Many Meetings

Virtual meetings are easy to organize, and this is what can make them a problem. Time used for meetings grows exponentially with the number of participants. You can recover much of this time with the exact facts produced by Omnicontext.