Hypersoft business metering services present unique, actionable insights that change the decision-making style of businesses from intuition-based traditional approach to fact-based, aiming to strategically improve business performance.

Hypersoft provides corporate clients with analytics on organizational aspects of corporate landscapes and the ways to improve business productivity from a perspective of actual business units.

Making efficient work happen.

Improving Productivity in an Enterprise with OmniContext™ Personal Analytics
(Customer Story)

In today's business, which is digitalized at all stages, the measuring of productivity and efficiency is changing from unreliable to very precise.

Hypersoft identifies and formulizes key business processes and structures, measuring and verifying them against your customized and strategically set goals.

OmniContext™ allows the ability to track and improve personal productivity and social skills, analyze usage of technologies and online activity, as well as communication and collaboration patterns, streamlining personal productivity on a daily basis.


Hypersoft OmniContext™ identifies Corporate Personnel Communication and shows communication activities of the corporate staff currently working.

Hypersoft OmniContext™ identifies and visualizes the trends and insights within the company. Relevant data is collected from all diverse sources and delivered in a simple way, focusing on clear and true business analysis.

Innovative business metering enables businesses to assess costs and connect values to activities inside and outside of the infrastructure and services themselves.