OmniAnalyser™ has a distributed, service oriented architecture, which allows for enterprise-class scalability and performance. The architecture supports both direct and indirect data collection and user activity simulation. Stand-alone agents are dispersed across a set of heterogeneous applications and systems.

OmniAnalyser™ collects data locally or remotely. After pre-processing, the agents send encrypted data to the OmniAnalyser™ Integration Server.

OmniAnalyser™ Architecture

OmniAnalyser™ is the only solution that is fully integrated with the on-demand service delivery and operations model. Enterprise security is not violated — OmniAnalyser™ does not require central rights or direct network connections, it transfers data via e-mail.
At the same time, OmniAnalyser™ is totally non-intrusive. OmniAnalyser™ does not produce any side effects on the analysed systems, does not require a system reboot to install, and does not interfere with other applications running on the servers.

OmniAnalyser™ Reporting Server delivers highly critical statistics and real-time data via a standard web-browser, e-mail or file sharing. The scheduled and ad hoc metrics are presented to authorized personnel in tables, graphical or topological reports and dashboards in the secure portal. Management information can be automatically published as a web service.

Omnicontext™ Reporting Server included in OmniAnalyser™ solution ensures extended and highly flexible reporting capabilities to those OmniAnalyser™ enjoys.

Live Demo of Business Communication Analytics

In this real-life example data from one part of Hypersoft's own organization are used to understand how communication intensity changes during the day. We integrate telephony, email, instant messaging and conferencing details hourly to discover when internal and external communication have their peak intensity. The graph below is a direct content feed from Omnicontext into this web page.