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Omnicontext™ is designed to collect, integrate, and analyse a wide range of distributed data sources to create a comprehensive view and detailed understanding of events, activites, and structures in large organizations. The entire cycle of data collection, consolidating and reporting to the end users is fully automated. It can also operate as middleware, processing data for use with other applications.
OmniContext™ Information technology contributes numerous key performance indicators to corporate operational metrics.

OmniContext™ helps organizations in using IT operational data for business purposes. This It delivers end-to-end analysis and metrics for processes and transactions, which are based on computer technology but have their business relevance going beyond the framework of delivering IT services. It provides business users with critical information for continuous analysis and control of activities, transactions, and communication across the enterprise.
OmniContext™ is a solution providing for sustainable business development. It transforms the more and more growing diversity of technological and commercial data into uniform and business relevant productive factors. When business information comes in large volumes from different sites and on a changing basis, the adaptive automated approach assures long-term system integrity and the ability to be optimized and refocused in accordance with the current business requirements.
OmniContext™ is a user-oriented technology. It allows the customer to define specific logic for data processing and receive the key indicators in accordance with particular business needs and end-user functions. The publication of analysis results as well as generation and scheduling of queries is fully Web-based and does not require any client-side installation besides a standard browser.
Meaningful — the metrics go beyond raw technical data and represent the business-relevant activities, transactions, and projects. Many metrics produced by OmniContext™ are measuring core business processes in addition to the IT services.
Complete — information will lead to efficiency only if it is complete and comprehensive. OmniContext™ uses the largest range of data sources in the industry, and, in addition to that, adaptive functionality allows collecting data from non-standard or in-house data sources. Full transaction details are maintained even for the largest possible data volumes.
Auditable — OmniContext™ allows verification of information origin and correctness of data processing for every level of analysis. Comprehensive analysis of business services allows moving on to their optimization. Depending on the task complexity, Hypersoft provides standard and custom methodology to optimize service delivery, consumption and resource allocation.
OmniContext™ is now available for individuals too:
OmniContext™ Personal Analytics is the innovative program from Hypersoft aimed at both business and non-business users wishing to improve their lifestyle.
Available on both the computer and Windows Phone, OmniContext™ Personal Analytics will track your personal productivity, social skills and usage of web resources.