Omnicontext™ Personal Analytics

Omnicontext™ includes the most comprehensive collection of personal analytics apps in the market. It uses data from your computers, phones, and other devices to produce an in-depth view of your work and life habits.

With Omnicontext™, you know what takes your time, who are your important contacts, and how your work or life style compares to what you think is right for you.

Personal Analytics are available for computers, phones and mobile devices on Windows and Android.

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Self-Improvement Through Numbers

Numbers do not lie. They help you understand your habits, analyze them, and change for the better.

Personal Analytics Apps Family

The full Omnicontext™ App uses activity, email, phone, location and other data. It delivers the most comprehensive insight into your work and life events. If your company uses OmniContext™, your business communication details are also available in the app.

Each of the other easy-to-use apps produces just one personal metric. These apps are right for you if you are only interested in a part of personal analytics.

Personal Facts

Track and limit your mobile phone usage

Personal Facts app
Personal Places

See your location, share it with friends or family, make sure everybody is safe.

Personal Facts app

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