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Munich, Germany, 24 August 2017

Hypersoft Omnicontext Analytics was classified in the latest review of the expert platform FinanceOnline as a leading and the most accurate measure of productivity. Personal Analytics has been distinguished by experts for its ability to serve the customers with the highest quality and latest innovation in the field of organizational intelligence software. The independent B2B and SaaS advisors specially mentioned that Hypersoft stands out with constant improvement on quality of user experience, adapts easy-to-use techniques to provide customers with comprehensive automated ways of interpreting data retrieved from their devices.

Hypersoft Productivity Analytics is as innovative digital technique for productivity and time management. It improves work performance through discovery and analysis of work habits and daily activities.

The cloud-based application automatically collects data from many data sources. Through analyzing one’s activity on the laptop and smartphone devices, Productivity Analytics provides an insight on the time spent on e-mail and phone communication, meetings, usage of business software programs and social media, travelling and browsing the Web. Whatever the activities are, Productivity Analytics structures the data and makes daily work patterns clearly visible in the form of daily, weekly, monthly reports as well as real-time notifications sent to the user.

Productivity Analytics is the way to engage everyone in improving own work performance and efficiency. The software analyzes long-term performance metrics, compares them to short-term activity details and to the individual objectives. The goals can be set by the company management as well as by an employee himself. What is more, the application compares the indicators of performance with maximum, minimum and average results achieved among other colleagues on given criteria. This is important for rewarding workers fairly as well as for tracking the trends in personal productivity of employees.

“Omnicontext Productivity Analytics keeps gaining popularity amongst business communities – HR and companies’ executives choose Hypersoft to provide employees with a modern digital solution for self-improvement; - says Anastasia Levchuk, marketing and business development representative. - We see how it is becoming more and more hip to look on personal progress, to follow up the changes of the work style or personal productivity.”

The expert product reviews is presented on FinanceOnline.

The latest version of Omnicontext Analytics is available to download on the Windows and Google app stores, and on Omnicontext.org.

Munich, Germany, 26 July 2017

A Microsoft Gold partner since a long time, Hypersoft was recently re-qualified in the category of application development.

The current Gold competency includes Microsoft certification of the newest mobile and universal Windows applications that are part of the Omnicontext product range. They deliver comprehensive and highly innovative productivity analytics for the modern digital workplace.

“As a long-standing business partner we have a very dynamic relationship with Microsoft, with fast adaptation to the latest enterprise cloud platform of Office 365 and Azure, - says Hypersoft’s managing director Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski. Omnicontext Productivity Analytics are by a native cloud product. We are now capable of leveraging all available on-premise, on-device, and Office 365 data to produce truly comprehensive insight into the effects of the latest Microsoft technology on the efficiency and culture of work.”

Detailed information about the products and services of Hypersoft can be found on the Microsoft Partner Centre and on www.hypersoft.com

Personal Analytics now delivers seamless experience between business and public networks

Munich, Germany, 16 May 2017

The latest version of Omnicontext Personal Analytics includes full compatibility with enterprise networks. It leverages the existing security policies and network proxies to provide users with the same functionality as they move between public and private networks. Personal Analytics improve workplace productivity right in the middle of key business processes, and now enterprise users of Omnicontext have full access to their own actionable productivity data from any location.

The new Personal Analytics app allows continuous operation as users move between their home networks, their company, and mobile networks when they are on the road. It guarantees consistency and security data and at the same time fully integrates the unique Omnicontext insight into work efficiency, usage of time, and unproductive activities across different places of work and devices.

The technology behind Personal Analytics works with very large volumes of structured and unstructured activity and collaboration data collected from different sources including many types of mobile and wearable devices. With these latest improvements, Hypersoft addresses needs of customers that practice innovative work models such as remote working, co-working, interconnected workspaces and teleconferencing. The new Personal Analytics release is available immediately from the Google and Microsoft stores and directly from Hypersoft.

Munich, Germany, 3 March 2017

Hypersoft added new functions to the personal analytics component of its Omnicontext solution for measuring individual and team performance. Users can now collect full usage details for desktop, mobile, and cloud applications. In addition to the time spent working with each of them, it will be possible to understand which specific functions are accessed more or less often.

With this knowledge, executives can make informed decisions on selecting such productivity applications, which can perform all tasks required for business, and at the same time are not overloaded with unnecessary functions. Individual users can better understand which activities consume their time, and take action to improve their work efficiency and focus their attention on business critical tasks.

This technology update is available immediately and continues the development of Omnicontext as the most comprehensive platform for productivity analytics, both in the enterprise environment and for individual professionals.


Omnicontext for Intelligent Workplaces

Munich, Germany, 10 October 2016

Hypersoft Information Systems enhances its cloud services to include new productivity analytics capabilities as part of the Organizational Intelligence offering.

Hypersoft developed state-of-the-art algorithms and visualisation techniques for digital collaboration and workplace habits to make them more intuitive and business-relevant. The updated Omnicontext platform integrates such analysis and insight into structures and functions of working teams, entire organizations, or processes. The technology also allows for automatic discovery and analysis of communities and knowledge owners within organizational units (users, departments, offices, countries etc.) and graphical presentation of this information.

This new component of the Omnicontext cloud service platform can analyse communication and collaboration, understand relationships in business communities across geographies, divisions, internal and external organizations. The algorithm to identify opinion leaders and influencers has also been improved. The software can visualise the results and produce customised views for management and business executives in operations, sales, or human resources to be used in in employee productivity and efficiency initiatives.

In addition to the management view, Hypersoft Organisational Intelligence makes in-depth personal productivity analytics available to all members of organizations. Such personal analytics increasingly become an important resource for self-improvement, better engagement and motivation.

The new release of productivity analytics is available immediately through the organizational intelligence component of Hypersoft’s cloud analytics platform.


New Focus in Partnership with Microsoft

Munich, Germany, 24 June 2016

Hypersoft Information Systems, a leading provider of productivity metrics and organizational intelligence, continues its successful cooperation with Microsoft and has recently renewed its Gold Partner relationship. Hypersoft’s state-of-the-art technology of productivity analysis will be even deeper integrated with the cloud products of Microsoft. The newest Hypersoft Organizational Intelligence discovers the way the world works to improve the productivity through analysis of personal activities.

Omnicontext collects heterogeneous data across multiple devices and large networks, delivering unique insight into work and life habits, time usage, organizational structure and behaviour. The Personal Analytics application of Omnicontext helps professionals to understand their personal work patterns and to better manage their work time, so more value can be generated for business.

“Hypersoft cloud services and mobiles apps make companies smarter, - states the managing director Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski referring to the innovations associated with this year’s Microsoft Gold competency in Application Development. - Our corporate clients become more efficient by motivating their members to understand and improve their working style and culture”.

Hypersoft’s cloud analytics technology can seamlessly integrate into enterprise Office 365 usage scenarios, as well as into the full stack of on premise back office applications such as Exchange, Skype for Business, and SharePoint. Since years world leading technology services providers and enterprise customers recognise consistent and reliable analytics and reporting delivered by Hypersoft.


Omnicontext™ for Cloud and Hybrid Customers

Munich, Germany, 22 April 2016

With the release of the latest version of Omnicontext the full functionality of service metrics, reporting, and real-time notifications are now available to Office 365 and hybrid customers.

“The big picture of service quality and its mapping to the actual experience by real-life users is still important and becomes even more important as companies migrate from on premise operations to the cloud”, – said Hypersoft managing director Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski at the latest Omnicontext presentation.

The important advantage of Omnicontext Analytics is the most comprehensive verification of internal and external services quality, which is consistent across all platforms and devices. Furthermore, specific customized views have been created for business customers and for technical operation teams.

Beyond the technology services aspect, the new release of Omnicontext includes innovative personal analytics capabilities for individual users of Office 365, so they can understand and improve their productivity and work habits.

The new release produces service metrics on Sharepoint, Skype for Business Online, Exchange Online, and other components of the Microsoft Office 365 cloud offering. The analytics are available to customers through a choice of desktop applications, web browser access, or mobile apps.