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New Technology Adoption Analytics in Omnicontext™

Hypersoft released a major update to the workplace productivity analytics component of Omnicontext™ software.

Munich, Germany, 17 February 2020

The new advanced analytics creates an intelligent view of enterprise digital initiatives linking people and technology. Hypersoft follows the long-term objective to quantify change in the digital workplace by leveraging state-of-the-art organizational intelligence.

Omnicontext™ produces detailed and deep insight into usage and adoption of new collaboration platforms such as Office 365 or G Suite, and into the quality and availability of these services to all members of customer organizations.

The impact of new technology adoption on the workplace productivity has long been assumed but very little validated in the field. The latest update of the Omnicontext™ analytics creates a direct verifiable link between workplace technology and increase or decrease in productivity. This knowledge enables decision makers to initiate predictable changes in the work culture and processes within the workforce and with customers.

In addition to the productivity analytics, the latest release of Omnicontext™ monitors availability, service quality, and usage of all productivity apps from the end-user perspective. In includes now even more real-time dashboards, detailed reports, and historic trends.

As a long-standing qualified and experienced Microsoft partner, Hypersoft makes an important contribution to the success of new cloud workplace platforms and their successful adoption by clients. Omnicontext is listed in the Microsoft AppSource directory as a preferred partner solution.

The current version Omnicontext™ supports all principal apps of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, such as Teams, OneDrive, Outlook, and many more. It is available immediately directly from Hypersoft or from authorized partners.

Hypersoft Expands Cloud Monitoring Capabilities

New hybrid migration analytics in Omnicontext™

Munich, Germany, 8 July 2019

Be back in control – this is one of important reasons to use Omnicontext™ for monitoring of hybrid and cloud technology services.

Omnicontext™ monitoring proves in real-time if Office 365 or G-Suite applications, or their on-premise equivalents, are reliably available to the end user. It gives an accurate independent picture on all digital resources in an enterprise, with the right balance between depth, granularity, and respect to the protection of personal data.

The latest release of the Hypersoft flagship product enriches its already comprehensive monitoring and reports with migration analytics and planning tools. “The true cost of cloud services becomes known only after the move to cloud is completed – says Hypersoft managing director Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski, -and it is often very different from the initial expectations. With our new migration analytics we change this. All costs, resources, and work efforts are presented side by side for the on-premise and cloud parts of hybrid technology deployments. Even more, we added a tool to calculate future operation costs before the decisions are taken.”

With these new functions, monitoring of cloud and hybrid workplace applications becomes fully focused on the deliverables for the business user and the true performance of workloads, no matter if it is based locally or in the cloud.

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