Omnicontext Cloud, platform independent and fully managed through progressive web app, released for enterprise and individual users.

Backup and archiving capabilities added to Omnicontext™, making it a complete platform to monitor technology operations and to safeguard cloud and on-premise data.


New and expanded capabilities for real-time monitoring of Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace, with direct integration into service management systems.


Hypersoft expanded the Omnicontext™ portfolio by several new applications for personal analytics and private cloud storage.

Personal Facts analyze the patterns of smartphone usage, and Personal Places display and remember journeys and travel details for the owner of the phone.

With Personal Files a new product line was started to address the growing market of do-it-yourself cloud storage and communication, based on peer-to-peer connections and independent from external providers.


Work productivity analytics for individuals and business organizations have become a core application area for Omnicontext™.

Hypersoft introduced data collection capabilities for Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud productivity platforms. The full range of personal and operational analytics became available to users of these platforms.


OmniContext™ Personal Analytics released as a collection of apps for a broad range of desktop and mobile devices.

Hypersoft started OmniContext™ enterprise operations monitoring for cloud customers.


Hypersoft introduced Organizational Intelligence for business executives interested in understanding work culture and organizational changes in their companies.

Research on collaboration patterns in large organizations presented at several international conferences.


Hypersoft applied its methodology of social networking data analysis to enterprise business analytics. Implemented analytic solutions for decision makers to discover key elements of organizational intelligence, such as community context, influence, and collaboration topologies.
Hypersoft’s operational analytics and intelligence combined with proactive service monitoring developed into a complete cloud-based infrastructure metrics platform.
As a global technology company Hypersoft expanded its worldwide presence and added key new customers in South America, along with developing more business in its key markets in Europe and North America.


Hypersoft adds Organizational, Operational and Technology Transformation Analytics to the capabilities portfolio. Hypersoft’s Engineering & Research division designs the most advanced algorithms to produce unique insight into organizational behaviors. This methodology was effectively applied to strategic management consulting.

Hypersoft has expanded its operations to the Asia-Pacific region with a representative location in Australia.


Hypersoft implements the large-scale cloud services metering projects for monitoring global heterogeneous cloud ecosystems. Hypersoft started innovative On-Line Reporting Service that automatically tracks customers’ web applications, portals and cloud services from the perspective of business transaction.


Hypersoft completes platform-agnostic picture on corporate collaboration environment with Social Network Analysis, SAP reporting; OmniAnalyser™ unifies Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Office Communications Server, SharePoint, Sametime and QuickPlace metrics. ASP reporting services from Hypersoft are established for service providers and companies of all sizes as standard part of end-to-end business and IT processes analysis.


Service Definition Framework is released as an integral part of OmniAnalyser™ reporting.
Hypersoft vision and concept of managing IT services in a true business-oriented manner gains acceptation by the Gartner, Buttler Group and OmniAnalyser™ is proposed as one of the most sophisticated business metrics tools. Hypersoft’s experts take part at the international organisation IT Service Management Forum, Computer Measurement Group. Hypersoft participates in Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Program.


Hypersoft delivers metrics on more than twenty enterprise IT infrastructure services, as well as tools for gathering and analyzing service information on unique in-house applications.


Four of the ten largest IT managed service companies in Europe and USA use Hypersoft products as part of their standard portfolio offerings.

Deloitte recognizes Hypersoft Information Systems to be among the 500 technology companies in Europe and 50 such companies in Germany that show the fastest growth rates over the last five years.


OmniAnalyser™ and OmniContext™ agents for Linux are released. Hypersoft implements comprehensive IT service management and billing with its products. Service levels for more than 3 million users are managed by Hypersoft software.


Hypersoft wins the "Best of TechEd 2003" award for a best Microsoft Exchange analysis product and the e-Pro Magazine "Apex Award 2003" for a best Lotus Domino analysis product.


Hypersoft releases OmniContext™ to analyse knowledge repositories and business processes. This is the first time when one analytic platform is able to work with hierarchical as well as with relational data.


Hypersoft adds to OmniAnalyser™ compatibility with all major enterprise messaging platforms. OmniAnalyser™ becomes the leading solution to analyse messaging infrastructure at large corporations in Europe and in the USA. Hypersoft's revenues grow by 100 % for three consecutive years.


OmniAnalyser™ is released in December, at that time called Exchange Analyser™ and delivering messaging metrics for Microsoft Exchange Server. It becomes the first product worldwide to collect full messaging metrics across corporate networks. Hypersoft establishes its United States offices in San Francisco.


First data replication and transport applications implemented over the messaging backbone. Hypersoft moves headquarters to Munich.


Hypersoft creates file tagging system for storing data relationships based on user actions and business processes.


Hypersoft develops its first link-based context storage technology, which became instrumental in creating hierarchical storage systems for its later software products.


Founded in 1993 by Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski in Berlin, Hypersoft has invested six years into developing its unique state-of-the-art technology of collecting heterogeneous data across big networks and analysing communication in relation to business processes.

Hypersoft was the first to introduce data exchange and replication over electronic messaging backbones, thus overcoming administrative and technical boundaries between locations, divisions and entire enterprises.