We Have a Passion for Getting to the Bottom of Things

There is fascination in understanding the exact nature of complex processes, which seem to be impossible to easily analyse and measure. Hypersoft has a quite unique background of doing this in very different areas since many years.

We learned how to measure the right things, even if that is truly challenging, through state-of-the-art developments in engineering and technology. These experiences include such diverse areas as capturing millimeter-small displacements of railway tunnels, tracking chemical reactions on the femtosecond time scale, or gathering thousands of real-time television viewer polling results. Each time we were able to produce unique results because of our ability to understand and measure such effects and patterns that others could not do.

Our today’s mission is to develop and maintain expertise in analysing activity and operation patterns of large distributed organisations.

Our engineers design and implement processes and technology to discover and measure business-relevant knowledge in massive volumes of individual communication, workflow, or operational transactions. We collect raw information from an unsurpassed variety of data sources to convert this information into understanding and knowledge of how our customers’ organizations operate.

Through the extensive utilization of sophisticated techniques for large-volume data processing and topology-based analysis of distributed transactions Hypersoft is able to discover and reliably measure such processes and structures, which were only guessed or estimated in the past. Some of the important applications are tracking progress and success of organizational transformation projects, determining business outcomes of infrastructure and technology changes, or identifying operational structures and key individuals in virtual organizations.

For those business customers who feel the need to have tangible and reliable knowledge about the real-life operational structures and processes in their organizations and how they change through modern technologies, Hypersoft is the expert to work with.