Hypersoft pioneered the integrated end-to-end analysis of transaction-based services and designed the industry’s most powerful cross-platform solution for service measurement and analytics.

OmniAnalyser™ is the only solution that delivers a homogeneous view of IT service quality and usage patterns across multiple applications and technologies in your IT infrastructure and thus provides the foundation for your decision-making process.

OmniAnalyser™ delivers comprehensive quality of service and usage information on enterprise IT business processes, based on our unique knowledge of best practices in service measurement. Deployed across a broad variety of platforms and communication techniques, it is positioned as a unified out-of-the-box solution for managing service delivery processes on a global scale across large distributed environments.

OmniAnalyser™ supports most of the common infrastructure services, such as directories, web services, messaging and collaboration, perimeter services, and many others. The extensible data collection agents can be easily adapted to analyze further data sources, such as in-house applications.

Thanks to the true web-based interface, the status and trending information can be interactively generated and viewed anywhere through a standard web browser. All reports including graphs, tables, topology maps and dashboards can be scheduled, generated and automatically delivered to end users or published on the Internet or Intranet.

OmniAnalyser™ can be deployed as a shared service management platform for multiple environments. This state-of-the-art implementation scenario allows for leveraging the data collection and analysis capabilities across different organizations, while keeping intact the security boundaries between those organizations and their service metrics.

Business Values of OmniAnalyse™

OmniAnalyser™ offers an innovative data collection, integration and reporting solution, which is capable of solving various business needs including Service Level Management and IT operations at the lowest total cost of implementation and usage. OmniAnalyser™ presents complete metrics, in flexible and comprehensive reports, which enables making effective management decisions immediately. Hypersoft offers both small companies and world-wide enterprises the solution for IT Service Management.

SLA Monitoring

Service delivery and usage have to be based on agreed standards. OmniAnalyser™ enables you to set and control service quality, volume and availability, as well as service delivery from the end user’s perspective.

Billing for Active Use

Statistics about the usage of the enterprise computing resources increase the efficiency of the chargeback processes and makes business users aware of the better ways to manage the resources.

Capacity Analysis and Planning

OmniAnalyser™ helps to reallocate unused and redundant resources and to do proper hardware optimization. OmniAnalyser™ enables you to understand current system performance and usage, which helps management to make confident decisions regarding server consolidation and platform migration.

Saving Time on Solving Operational Issues

OmniAnalyser™ offers detailed analysis of all events in the IT infrastructure, thus saving time for IT support on searching for root causes of IT service failures. At the same time OmniAnalyser™ supports the pro-active approach to operations by means of measuring simulated and automated end-user activity before the problem occurs or influences the performance.

Control of Policies and Security

OmniAnalyser™ analyzes and reports on undesired or abusive data content, which was prevented from entering the enterprise by perimeter services. Along with the performance analysis of the protection system OmniAnalyser™ provides a possibility to trace any e-mail message in the system with the details of its sender and recipient as well as other relevant details.

Proof of System and Operations Performance

OmniAnalyser™’s Consolidated Information Reports can be used to verify the health and trends of the delivered services. OmniAnalyser™ is the only system that provides complete audibility at the transaction level of the services it measures. Along with that, OmniAnalyser™ offers the evaluation of performance and utilization of the enterprise system resources and information technologies.